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Woodcut Grundons


Stimuli – Exhibition

Stimuli is a multimedia performance which combines music, visual art and theatre. It is a work in which all elements are integrated from their conception, in order to create an original art form.

Simultaneous to the performance of Stimuli, an exhibition of wood cuts, etchings and drawings by Meriel Price is shown. These works form part of the research and exploration for the videos and animations found in the performance. These are a vital link in the chain of stimuli which formed all the works within the performance.

You can find more information on stimuli under the header stimuli.

© Meriel Price 2013


“Who is the Mightiest on Earth?” – Illustration

“Wer ist der Mächtigste auf Erden?” is a multimedia children’s concert of Bohuslav Martinu’s ballet music arranged for saxophone quartet, narrator and projected pictures. The music is performed by the clair-obscur saxophone quartet and was arranged by their tenor saxophonist, Christoph Enzel. Text and narration is by the Austrian actor, Wolfram Berger. The illustrations, which are projected alongside the live performance, were created by Meriel Price.

“Wer ist der Mächtigste auf Erden?” has been performed at prestigious festivals such as the Martinu Festage, Basel in Museum Tinguely and the Lucerne Festival, in the Luzerne Saal of KKL.

The children’s picture book of “Wer ist der Mächtigste auf Erden?” will be published by NordSüd in winter 2014.

© Meriel Price 2010                                                 More news following shortly…


Draussen die Welt


“Outside the World” – Stage Design

“Draussen die Welt” is the new music theatre performance created by author and director Pauline Beaulieu. For this work Meriel Price has created the stage design and will also be performing as part of the theatre collective Accentual Voices.

More information following shortly….

© Meriel Price 2014





Window Frames – Installation

The Video and Sound Installation Window Frames was created for the Blind Spot Film and Music Festival, Berlin.

This work investigates the perception of place through sound and video whilst examining the artificiality of these media.

© Meriel Price 2009





Signs – Installation

Signs is an installation especially created for the Tempelhof Theater Festival, Berlin.

It explores and challenges official, external, social and personal inhibitions and boundaries. Investigating the liberating or inhibiting influence of signs.

© Meriel Price 2011


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