Love.abz at KAMUNA in ZKM








In August 2013 I was invited to perform Love.abz at ZKM (Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe) for the KAMUNA (Karlsruhe Museums Night) Festival.

This work by Otso Huopaniemi involves live dramatic writing, complicated and enhanced by the use of voice recognition technology and google translate.

In the words of Otso, “love.abz invites the audience to reconsider the fundamental acts of reading and writing, as well as the complex relationship between humans and the digital tools that increasingly shape their lives. It introduces a form of 1) improvisatory, 2) collaborative, 3) live dramatic writing that Huopaniemi has developed in rehearsals together with the performers. Machine translation and speech recognition technology are the main tools that have lent themselves to the purposes of this writing method. Harnessing the comical potential these technologies afford, love.abz celebrates the playfulness of writing, in earnest.”

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