Aside – New Music Cabaret in BKA Theater Berlin


Aside premiered their new programme “A remark or passage in a play that is intended to be heard by the audience but is supposed to be unheard by the other characters in the play” at the BKA Theater Berlin on the 12th June 2018. Aside combined the two faces of the BKA theatre: cabaret, vaudeville and comedy on the one hand and contemporary music on the other.
Aside (Meriel Price and Johann-Michael Schneider) create contemporary music theatre from the drama found on the concert stage and draw their material from that which is unintended, private, uncontrolled, uncomfortable, accidental, mistaken and attempts to be hidden. Aside enlarges and transforms this material. Aside thereby blurs the boundaries between performance and composition and work within the space that can open between what is intended and the outcome, between expectation, disappointment and fulfillment.


Kippers and Curtains – Christian Biegai

Dawn Chorus – Meriel Price

Forbidden Fruit – Meriel Price

Variations on a Theme by Haydn – Johann-Michael Schnieder

Landscape – Meriel Price & Johann-Michael Schneider

A Smidgen of Light for T – Iñigo Giner Miranda

Stäbe schütteln – Bernd Wegener

Music Box – Thomas Beimel

2/2 4/4 – Christoph Enzel