Staring at the Bin Swiss Edition at Museum Tinguely, Basel

Staring at the Bin — Swiss Edition

by Meriel Price, curated by Isabel Piniella Grillet, performed by SoundTrieb

21 February – 26 March 2023 Museum Tinguely, Basel

In dialogue with the exhibition À bruit secret, the artist and composer Meriel Price presents a video series of subtle and fleeting miniature performances in public space. Viewers are witnesses to a choreographed, anarchistic infiltration of surveillance that unfolds acoustically as well as performatively.

A companion publication is planned for March 2023 with essays addressing the exhibition’s framework as well as bringing Price’s work into dialogue with Tinguely’s understanding of daily soundscapes, rhythm and movement.


Artist: Meriel Price
Curator: Isabel Piniella
Organiser: SoundTrieb Association
Performers: Juan José Faccio, Alice Mei-Yu Hohberger, Magdalena Irmann, Corentin Marillier, Anna Minten.
Camera: Lukas Egger & Luca Fortuna
Sound: Pablo Callisaya, Luca Fortuna & Seraina Frazetto
Post production: Tapir Film – Moritz Hossli, Pablo Callisaya